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【English】s**t kingz presents NAMA! HO! SHOW! -Live streaming dance show-

s**t kingz presents NAMA! HO! SHOW! -Live streaming dance show-



s**t kingz has announced that they will launch their first live streaming dance show and tickets are now available!

“s**t kingz presents NAMA! HO! SHOW! -Live streaming dance show-“

Only one shot!

60 minute live stream full of new choreography!

A dynamic performance that will pull audiences into the s**tkingz’s world, like you are on the stage!<video type of dance ride> presented by s**t kingz!

World wide live streaming!

For ticket purchasing or more information, please visit the official s**tkingz HP, profile links or their instagram story.

s**t kingz presents NAMA! HO! SHOW! -Live streaming dance show-


⚫️Live stream by ZAIKO


⚫️Date:4:00AM – 5:00AM on Saturday, 13 June 2020LA TIME

*Archived footage of the live stream will be available until, 21 June, 2020.

(tickets must still be purchased during regular ticket sale time).

⚫️Ticket pricket: 2000 Yen (Including tax)

⚫️Tickets on sale from, 4:00Tuesday 2 June 2020 – 4:00 Tuesday 13 June 2020.LA TIME

⚫️Payment options: credit card, pay at convenient stores, PayPal, WeChatPay and alipay.

Please visit the ZAIKO website for more detailed information….


<How to purchase tickets>
①Log in to the online tickets sales platform; ZAIKO (https://zaiko.io/).

②Please go to s**t kingz page, click “Get Ticket”.

③Click next after accepting the terms of agreement, and confirming the ticket price.

④Select your payment option.

⑤Please wait until the live streaming show starts. (If viewing from the archive, the show will start right away.)

<Stickits system>
We will be introducing the stickits system on our live streaming show.
We have prepared our own original icon. Please show us some love!

・In regards to purchase・log in・tickets, please jump to the links below.
Frequently asked questions: https://zaiko.io/support
Contact: https://zaiko.io/contactus?cid=22&type=customer

・In regards to the event, please visit the HP web link.