s**t kingz


  • 2020
  • May.2
  • Sat

s**t kingz ONLINE LIVE CLASS Information


《How to participate in the lessons》

① Download the video conference App: “Zoom (Free version)” via PC, iOS or Android smartphone/tablet devices.
Download from below.

Zoom link below!

②All classes are available on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for your understanding in advance


《Notes about Classes》

・Reception starts from 2pm.All classes are available on a first come, first served basis.We won’t accept who people waiting before 2pm.Thank you for your understanding in advance

・You are not able to re-enter after leave the online class.Please be careful.

・Please do a warm-up on your own before your class starts.
・Please silence your devices during classes to prevent any class disruptions.

・During each lesson, everyone’s screen will be set to display s**tkingz’ video in full screen. If you change this; please adjust your own screen settings to restore the members screen from <Pin video/ Speaker view>.


«Class details & URL below»

▼kazuki’s class▼
May 4th (Mon・Holiday)
First-come-first-served basis‣14:00〜
Class time ‣15:00〜16:00

Meeting ID: 879 6609 0358
Password: 0620504


▼NOPPO’s class▼
May 5th (Tue・Holiday)
First-come-first-served basis‣14:00〜
Class time ‣15:00〜16:00

Meeting ID: 840 9715 5255
Password: 095044


▼Oguri’s class▼
May 6th (Wed・Holiday)
First-come-first-served basis‣14:00〜
Class time ‣15:00〜16:00


Meeting ID : 846 5678 9920
Password : 034927